COOJA and Testbed Federation/TWIST growing together

Two COOJA plugins and manuals have been published to integrate the TWIST testbed in COOJA and to take checkpoints and perform rollbacks both in TWIST and COOJA.

Call for Papers: CONET/UBICITEC 2013

The 4th International Workshop on Networks of Cooperating Objects for Smart Cities 2013 (CONET/UBICITEC 2013), colocated with CPSWeek 2013, accepts submissions until January 28th, 2013.

Newsletter issue #19

The 19th CONET newsletter has been published. You can read on Virtual Organizations for Multi-Model Based Embedded Systems and on the UvA Bird Tracking System.

Current Page: Conferences


Members of the CONET project have been present at the following events. The column "People" indicates the type of participation: Organisation (O), Sponsorship (S), Participant (P) or Speaker. Note that from CONET year 3 on, we do not indicate the name of the people any more but only the type of participation.


29.-30.05.2008Tampere, FinlandTalk: "Objects! Cooperating Objects Everywhere!", ERCIM WorkshopPedro Jose Marron (Speaker)UBONN
11.-14.06.2008Santorini Island, GreeceDCOSS' 2008 Thiemo Voigt (demo chair)SICS
11.-14.06.2008Santorini Island, Greece1st. International Workshop on
Cyber-Physical Systems
Challenges and Applications
(CPS-CA`08), integrated in the
DCOSS 2008
Eduardo Tovar
(Organization of a workshop)
13.-16.06.2008Seoul, KoreaTalk: "System Software for Cooperating Objects in Mobility Applications", Korea-EU Cooperation
Forum on ICT
Pedro Jose Marron (Speaker)UBONN
16.06.2008Stockholm, Sweden, Talk: "Wireless Sensor Networks in Enterprise Environments", EU-US08 Workshop on Networked Information and Control SystemsStamatis Karnouskos (Speaker)SAP
25.06.2008Lissabon, PortugalTalk: "Objects! Cooperating Objects Everywhere!", 14th International Conference on Concurrent EnterprisingPedro Jose Marron (Speaker)UBONN
June 2008Santorini Island, GreeceInt. Workshop: Passive Distributed Assertions for Sensor NetworksKay Uwe Roemer (P)ETHZ
July 2008Seoul, KoreaMulti-UAV Cooperative Fault Detection Employing Vision-Based Relative Position Estimation” Proceedings of the IFAC World CongressAnibal Ollero (Speaker)AICIA
1.-3.07.2008Cardiff (Wales)IPROMS SymposiumArmando Colombo (Speaker)SCHNEIDER
01.-05.07.2008Santander, SpainThe 8th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning TechnologiesPanagiotis Germanakos (P)UCY
2.-4.07.2008, Prague, Czech Republic7th Int. Workshop on Real
Time Networks (RTN`08)
integrated in ECRTS 2008
Anis Koubaa (P)ISEP-IPP
7.4.2008Universität Freiburg, GermanyColloqium: Vom Internet der Computer zum Internet der DingeF. Mattern (Speaker)ETHZ
08.-10.07.2008Albacete, SpainTalk: "Objects! Cooperating Objects Everywhere!", Summerschool
Sensor Networks
Pedro Jose Marron (Speaker)UBONN
13.-16.07.2008Daejeon, South KoreaIEEE INDIN 2008M. Mendes (P)SCHNEIDER
21.-25.07.2008Patras, HellasThe 18th European Conference on Artificial IntelligencePanagiotis Germanakos (P)UCY
23.-25.07.2008Naples, ItalyICME'08 - 6th CIRP International Conference on Intelligent Computation in Manufacturing EngineeringM. Mendes (P)SCHNEIDER
29.07.-01.08.2008Hannover, GermanyThe 5th International Conference on Adaptive Hypermedia and Adaptive Web-based SystemsPanagiotis Germanakos (P)UCY
07.08.2008Tampere University of
Talk: "Using smart items to realise the real-time enterprise of the future", TutorialStamatis Karnouskos (P)SAP
10.08.2008University of California,
Panel on Wireless Sensor Networks Marco Sgroi (O)
23.08.-01.09.2008Washington D.C., CambridgeCASE2008, meetings at Conference on Automation Science and systems, meeting with Prof. Sanjoy Mitter and Emilio FrazzoliAntonio BicchiUNIPI
22.08.2008Ebernburg, GermanyTowards the Internet of Things, Summer School: Monitoring and Coordination Across Networked Autonomous EntitiesF. Mattern (Speaker)ETHZ
25.08.2008Berkeley, USATutorial on SPINE 1.2, an Open Source Framework for on-mote Distributed Signal ProcessingRoberta Giannantonio (O)TI
01.09.2008Hamburg, Germany13th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation, ETFA 2008Adam Wolisz (O)TUB
04.09.2008L`Aquila, ItalySeminar in a doctoral school
for PhD Students in
Computer Science
Topic:"Enabling ubiquitous computing and cyber-
physical systems with wireless
sensor /actuator networks
: what is at stake?"
Mario Alves (P)ISEP-IPP
15.-18.09.2008Hamburg (Germany)ETFA'08 - 13th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory AutomationM. Mendes (P)SCHNEIDER
10.-12.09.2008Prague, Czech Republic.12th International Workshop on Cooperative Information Agents (CIA-2008)Manfred Hauswirth (P)
15.-18.09.2008Cannes, FranceIEEE Internacional Symposium on Personal Indoor Mobile Radio Communications, PIMRC’08Ramiro Martinez de Dios
17.-18.09.2008Cannes, FranceTalk: "Objects! Cooperating Objects Everywhere!", PIMRC 2008Pedro Jose Marron (P)UBONN
15.-19.09.2008Munich, GermanyMWS'08 - 2008 Middleware for Web Services WorkshopM. Mendes (P)SCHNEIDER
16.09.2008Benicassim, Spain8th Intl UJI Robotics School
on Rescue Robotics IURS 2008
Anibal Ollero (P)AICIA
19.09.2008Antwerpen, NLTalk: "Objects! Cooperating Objects Everywhere!", ECML PKDD 2008Pedro Jose Marron (P)UBONN
22.-26.09.2008Nice, FranceIROS08, Cluster Activity meeting with Anibal Ollero and Peter Corke, CONET Advisory Board member Antonio BicchiUNIPI
22.09.2008Uppsala, Sweden.Seminar: The Internet Protocol for Smart Objects, Biotage, Uppsala, Sweden.Adam DunkelsSICS
30.09.2008Stockholm, Sweden.IP for Sensor Networks & the IPSO Alliance, CNS Workshop, Stockholm, Sweden.Adam DunkelsSICS
01.10.2008VirtualIP for Smart Objects Alliance, Adam Dunkels
founder and
Technical Advisory Board member
01.10.2008Lancaster, UK.Contiki & sensor network programming, GINSENG kick-off workshopAdam DunkelsSICS
01.10.2008Lancaster, UK.Contiki - a Pioneering Operating System for Sensor Networks, GINSENG WorkshopAdam DunkelsSICS
01.10.2008Stockholm, SwedenSeminar “Java for Sensor Networks” for Swedish company OmgapointJoakim ErikssonSICS
01.10.2008Stockholm, SwedenSeminar “Java for Sensor Networks” for Swedish company CiberJoakim ErikssonSICS
01.10.2008Northwestern University, USAVisit to Prof. Peter ScheuermannZuniga, Marco
01.10.2008Northwestern University, USASeminar: "Exploiting Heterogeneity to Enhance Random Walk-based Queries" as part of the Seminar Series in the Department of Electrical Engineering.Zuniga, Marco
01.10.2008Northwestern University, USALecture: “Link Layer Modeling for Wireless Sensor Networks" @ Prof. Scheuermann's course on Wireless Sensor Networks.Zuniga, Marco
02.10.2008Montreux, SwitzerlandTalk: "Towards energy-aware future factories", Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS), Manufacturing Technology Platform (MTP)Stamatis Karnouskos
with Jose L. Martinez Lastra
6./7.10.2008Berlin, Germany5th Polish-German Teletraffic Symposium 08Adam Wolisz TUB
07.10.2008Bålsta, SwedenThe Contiki Operating System: IP for Sensor Networks, Keynote, WISENET Project meetingAdam DunkelsSICS
07.-09.10.2008Pisa, College of Engineering, ItalyWorkshop for students about Embedded Systems
@ 1st Meeting of ICO Students
Antonio Bicchi, Lucia Pallottino (O)UNIPI
08.10.2008Pisa, ItalyICO meeting. HYCON
Network of Excellence
Anibal Ollero (Speaker)AICIA
8./9.10.2008Berlin, Germany19th ITC Specialist Seminar 2008Adam Wolisz TUB
09.10.2008University of St. Gallen, SwitzerlandDie Vernetzung aller Dinge, Value chain Forum 2008F. Mattern (Speaker)ETHZ
09.10.2008Stockholm, SwedenContiki & sensor network programming, Royal Institute of TechnologyAdam DunkelsSICS
09.10.2008Calgary, Alberta, Canada.Talk: "Towards Information-Rich Future Energy Networks", SAP Utilities Thought Leadership SeminarStamatis KarnouskosSAP
12.-15.10.2008Singapore, Singapore2008 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and CyberneticsFabio Bellifemine (PC, P/Speaker) TI
16.-17.10. 2008Rennes, France, Keynote Tallk "Highly Scalable Aggregate Computation in Cyber-Physical systems: Physical Environment Meets Communication Protocals" on Cyber-
Physical Systems at RTNS`08
Eduardo Tovar (S)ISEP-IPP
20.10.2008Stockholm, Sweden.IPv6 for Smart Objects, IPv6 and DNSSEC .SE Workshop, Adam DunkelsSICS
21.10.2008Stockholm, Sweden.Sub-milliwatt Radio Communication, Embedded Conference Scandinavia, Adam DunkelsSICS
21.10.2008Stockholm, SwedenPanel on energy-efficient computing, Embedded Conference ScandinaviaAdam DunkelsSICS
22.10.2008Toulouse, FranceCooperation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with ground wireless sensor and actuator networks. Second Workshop du PEA Action. ONERA-LAASAnibal Ollero (invited Speaker)AICIA
22.10.2008Stockholm, Sweden.Connecting IP with the Physical World, The Internet Days, Stockholm, Sweden.Adam DunkelsSICS
22.10.2008Rotterdam, The NetherlandsTalk: "Enterprise Integration of SOA-Ready Devices", Web of Objects Session, ARTEMIS-ITEA Summit 2008Stamatis Karnouskos
with Domnic Savio
22.-23.10.2008Brussels, BelgiumTalk: "Sensing, Computation and Cooperation in Enterprise Environments", Concertation Meeting on Wireless Sensor Networks and Cooperating Objects (WSN&CO), European Commission8 participants of CONET8 participants of CONET
23.10.2008Brussels, BelgiumCooperating aerial platforms.
Concertation meeting of
Wireless Sensor Networks and cooperating objects
Anibal Ollero (Speaker)AICIA
23.10.2008Stockholm, Sweden.Networks and Cooperating Objects. European CommissionAdam DunkelsSICS
23.-24.10.2008Galway, IrelandKeynote: Enabling Networked Knowledge,8th Annual Information Technology & Telecommunication ConferenceManfred Hauswirth (P)NUIG
01.11.2008Lyon, FranceWireless Aerial Cooperation Systems. Wireless Sensor Networks Infrastructures in Real-World Environments - Challenges and Directions
ICT event of the
European Commission
Anibal Ollero (P)AICIA
01.11.2008Kista, SwedenSensor Networking Workshop for Swedish Companies at SICSThiemo Voigt (O)SICS
05.-07.11.2008Raleigh, USAACM SenSys 2008Pedro José Marron (P)
Sponsoring by CONET
10.11.2008Pittsburgh, USATalk: "Objects! Cooperating Objects Everywhere!", Pitt / CMU Joint Database SeminarPedro Jose Marron (Speaker)UBONN
06.-07.11.2008Ag. Napa, CyprusThe 7th International Conference on e-LearningPanagiotis Germanakos (P)
George Samaras
10.-13.11.2008Orlando, USAIEEE IECON (International Conference on Industrial Electronics)M. Mendes (P)SCHNEIDER
11.-12.11.2008Uppsala, Sweden.Sensor networks, invited lectures, Uppsala UniversityAdam DunkelsSICS
14.11.2008Stockholm, Sweden.The Internet of Things, Sun Microsystems WorkshopAdam DunkelsSICS
14.11.2008DüsseldorfTalk: "The Vision of a Ubiquitous Society: he Future of Technology", Expertenrunde NRWPedro Jose Marron (Speaker)UBONN
15.11.2008Nicosia, CyprusWorkshop on eLearning in Medicine, in the context of the project WideMEDnet, EU Community Initiative Programme INTERREG III B ARCHIMED.Panagiotis GermanakosUCY
17.11.2008Beihang University, ChinaRobotics Vehicles for Exploration and Surveillance: A Survey of Research at the University of Pisa @ Beihang University, ChinaAntonio Bicchi (Speaker)UNIPI
17.11.2008Stockholm, Sweden.The Internet of Things and the IPSO Alliance, SICS Sensor Network DayAdam DunkelsSICS
18.11.2008Uppsala, Sweden.Tiny IP Networking and Wireless Sensor Networks, IAR Systems Invited TalkAdam DunkelsSICS
20.-22.11.2008Korea University, Seoul, Korea"Variable Impedance Actuators for Safe and Effective Physical Human-Robot Interaction" @ 5th International Conference on Ubiquitous Robots and Ambient Intelligence ( URAI 2008Antonio BicchiUNIPI
20.11.2008Lisbon, PortugalERCIM Cor Baayen award lectureAdam DunkelsSICS
25.-27.11.2008Lyon, FranceTalk: "The added value of Wireless Sensor Networks in Enterprises", ICT Event 2008, European CommissionStamatis KarnouskosSAP
25.-27.11.2008Lyon, FranceSession on"Wireless Sensor Networks Infrastructures in real-world environments - Challenges and directions", ICT Event 2008, European CommissionStamatis Karnouskos,
Pedro Jose Marron (P), Organisation
25.-27.11.2008Lyon, FranceICT + ARTEMIS , Special sessionA. W. Colombo (P)
J.-P. Desbenoit (P)
Anibal Ollero
Eduardo Carrillo
30.11.-4.12.2008New Orleans, USAIEEE Global Communications Conference, GLOBECOM 2008F. CaballeroAICIA
01.-03.12.2008Brussels, BelgiumTalk: "Cooperating Objects Network of Excellence (CONET)", Eurokorea MeetingPedro José Marrón (Speaker)UBONN
03.12.2008University Potsdam, GermanyColloqium: Auf dem Weg zum Internet der Dinge - Herausforderungen, Lösungsansätze, AnwendungenF. Mattern (Speaker)ETHZ
04.12.2008Berlin, GermanyDGB-Symposium: Das Internet der DingeF. Mattern (Speaker)ETHZ
08.12.2008Carnegie Mellon University (CMU),
Pittsburgh, USA
Lecture Talk 1: Exploiting a Wireless Prioritized Medium Access Control Protocol for Computing Aggregated QuantitiesBjörn Andersson (P)ISEP-IPP
08.12.2008Carnegie Mellon University (CMU),
Pittsburgh, USA
Lecture Talk 2: Bounding Communication Latency in Wireless Sensor NetworksBjörn Andersson (P)ISEP-IPP
09.-10.12.2008Madrid, SpainInvited Talk: Global Sensor Networks: Enabling Networked Knowledge, Future Internet Assembly (FIA)Manfred Hauswirth (P)
January 2009Universität Karlsruhe, GermanyTime Synchronisation for Sensor NetworksKay Uwe Römer (Speaker) ETHZ
12.-14.01.2009Brussels, BelgiumMultiple aerial robots integrated with wireless sensor and actuator networks
IARP Workshop on Robotics for risky interventions and
Environmental Surveillance RISE ´09
Anibal Ollero (Speaker)AICIA
02.-05.02.2009Pisa/ TeleconferenceCONET Master & PhD Thesis Award Committee. Review of 11 MSc/PhD theses Gianluca DiniUNIPI
04.02.2009Galway, IrelandProf. Heiner Stuckenschmidt & Prof. Guido Moerkotte (University of Mannheim, Germany) visited DERIProf. Heiner Stuckenschmidt
Prof. Guido Moerkotte
11.-13.02.2009Cork, IrelandEWSN 2009CONET Sponsoringall
10.02.2009Cork, IrelandThe First European TinyOS Technology Exchange (ETTX 2009) in Cork, Ireland, collocated with EWSN 2009Roberta Giannantonio (P)TI
10.02.2009Cork, IrelandPresentation of the TinyOS ZigBee WG @ ETTX09Anis Koubaa (S)ISEP-IPP
10.02.2009Cork, Ireland ETTX09. co-located with EWSN09organizerTUB
11.02.2009Cork, IrelandTutorial at EWSN 2009 "WSN Standards and COTS Landscape: Can we get QoS and Calm Technoliy?"Mario Alves (Speaker)ISEP-IPP
11.02.2009Cork, IrelandTutorial at EWSN 2009 "Programming WSNs: From theory to practice"Luca Mottola (Speaker)SICS
12.02.2009Cork, IrelandPanel at EWSN 2009 "What is holding WSNs back?Mario Alves
Adam Wolisz
10.-13.02.2009Cork, IrelandWorkshop
IPSN 2009, EWSN 2009, GSN (Global Sensor Networks) Workshop 2009, Percom 2009
Kay Uwe Roemer ETHZ
10.-13.02.2009Cork, IrelandEWSN 2009SponsorshipUBONN
02.03.2009Brussels, BelgiumCLASS meetingGianluca Dini (P)UNIPI
02.03.2009Bern, Switzerlandasut-Parlamentarierabend: Forschen für die Internet-GesellschaftF. Mattern (Speaker)ETHZ
02.03.2009Sevilla, SpainIntegración de robots aéreos y redes inalambricas de sensores y actuadores Imaginatica 2009Anibal Ollero (Speaker)AICIA
03.03.2009Brussels, BelgiumHycon Final Workshop Antonio Bicchi (P)UNIPI
04.03.2009Rome, ItalySIMUTools
Presentation: COOJA/MSPSim: Interoperability Testing for Wireless Sensor Networks
Joakim ErikssonSICS
04.03.2009London, UKVisit to UCL: "A short introduction to the Contiki Operating Systems"Luca MottolaSICS
04.03.2009London, UKVisti to UCL: "Monitoring Heritage buildings with Wireless Sensor Networks: The Torre Aquila Deployment"Luca MottolaSICS
05.-06.03.2009Brussels, BelgiumWSN&CO Concertation MeetingGianluca Dini (P)UNIPI
06.03.2009Brussels, BelgiumWSN&CO Concertation MeetingAnibal Ollero (Speaker)AICIA
06.03.2009Brussels, BelgiumWSN&CO Concertation MeetingPedro José Marrón (Speaker)UBONN
06.03.2009Zürich, SwitzerlandRFID-Visions and Reality: Towards the Internet of ThingsF. Mattern (Speaker)ETHZ
14.03.2009Rüschlikon, Switzerlandi-lab Steering Committee Worksop (Swiss-Re): Das Internet der Dinge - Trends, Visionen, AuswirkungenF. Mattern (Speaker)ETHZ
24.03.2009Kista, SwedenDemo "Sensor Networking at SICS" and IPv6 Demo for visitors of Chinese companyThiemo VoigtSICS
25.03.2009Darmstadt, GermanyWorkshop on Wireless Sensor Networks and Cooperating ObjectsWASP (O)
25.03.2009Darmstadt, GermanyWorkshop on Wireless Sensor Networks and Cooperating ObjectsVlado Handziski (Speaker)TUB
25.03.2009Madrid, SpainPhd Thesis Award Committee "software architectures for robot control" - Prof. Antonio BicchiAntonio BicchiUNIPI
01.-03.04.2009London, UKPervasive Health 2009: Performance Analysis of Health Care Systems based on the SPINE FrameworkFabio Bellifemine, Marco Sgroi
Roberta Giannantonio (P)
16.04.2009San Francisco, USA"IP-based Sensor Networks a Hands-on Tutorial (uIP)" at IPSN 2009Adam Dunkels (Speaker)
Frederik Östelind (Speaker)
Nicolas Tsiftes (Speaker)
24.04.2009Kista, SwedenDemos at SICS Open House
- Software Radio-empowered Sensor Network
- IP-based sensor networking
- Sensornet checkpointing
- Water monitoring with Sensor network technology
Thiemo Voigt, Jesper Karlsson,
Adam Dunkels, Zhitao He,
Joakim Eriksson, Niclas Finne,
Luca Mottola
28.04.2009Pisa, ItalyUNIPI-ING IoT Meeting - . Presentation of the project and creation of a CONET UNIPI Web Page: Bicchi,
Lucia Pallottino
18.-22.05.2009Baltimore, Maryland, USA.Workshop on Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) , collocated with the 2009 International Symposium on Collaborative Technologies and Systems (CTS 2009) Manfred HauswirthNUIG
31.05.-04.06.2009Heraklion, Crete, Greece1st International Workshop on the Semantic Web (SemSensWeb 2009)Manfred Hauswirth (Workshop Chair)NUIG
08.-10.06.2009Reno, Nevada, USA2nd International Symposium on unmanned aerial vehiclesAnibal Ollero (P)AICIA
09.06.2009Toronto, CanadaSAP Utilities Thought Leadership
Seminar: Presentation "The future of Energy Markets"
Stamatis Karnouskos (Speaker)SAP
09.-10.06.2009Braunschweig, GermanyGerman Workshop on Robotics (GWR2009): Plenary Speech "Variable Impedance Actuators for Safety, Adaptivity, and Efficiency in
physical Human-Robot Interaction"
Antonio Bicchi (invited speaker)UNIPI
22.06.2009Metz, FrancePresentation "Integration of Real-World Information in Enterprise Services"Stamatis Karnouskos (Speaker)SAP
22.-26.06.2009Rome, ItlayIEEE Communications Society Conference on Sensor, Mesh and Ad Hoc Communications and Networks (SECON), 2009: CONET PosterDaniel Minder (P)UBONN
24.-26.06.2009Cardiff, UK7th IEEE International Conference on Industrial Informatics: Keynote titled "Towards the Perfect Plant via real-world cross-layer collaboration"Stamatis Karnouskos (Speaker)SAP
28.06.-01.07.2009Paris, FranceSensor KDD 2009
Sponsorship: Best student Paper
CONET (S)all
Jun 2009Pittsburgh, USAIEEE Sixth International Conference on Networked Sensing Systems (INSS 2009): BurstMAC - An Efficient MAC Protocol for Correlated Traffic BurstsM. Ringwald, Kay Römer
(BurstMAC - An Efficient MAC Protocol for Correlated Traffic Bursts)
Dominique Guinard, Vlad Trifa,
Thomas Pham, Olivier Liechti,
(Towards Physical Mashups in the Web of Things)
S. Santini, B. Ostermaier,
R. Adelmann
(On the use of Sensor Nodes and Mobile Phones for the Assessment of Noise Pollution Levels in Urban Enviroments)
Jun 2009Dresden, GermanyICC 2009 Panel on 3G to 4GAdam Wolisz (speaker)TUB
Jun 2009Leipzig, GermanyThe 5th International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference / Cross-Layer Optimized Wireless Networks SymposiumAndreas Willig (speaker)TUB
Jun 2009Duesseldorf, GermanyKolloquium: Die Zukunft des Mobilfunks, Sensor neworks: Opportunities and ChallengesAdam Wolisz (speaker)TUB
20.07.2009Bertinoro, ItalyBERLUSCONI II WorkshopKay Römer (Invited Talk)ETHZ
29.06.-02.07.2009Rhode Island, USA8th Intern. ACM Workshop on Data Engineering for Wireless and Mobile Access (in conjunction with SIGMOD / PODS 2009)Pedro José Marrón (General Chair)UBONN
03.07.2009TU Braunschweig, GermanyEmbedded Communication WorkshopKay Römer (invited speaker)ETHZ
03.07.2009Brussels, BelgiumEU Japan Collaboration MeetingProf. Dr. Pedro José Marron
26.07.-01.08.2009Bertinoro, Italy SENIOT International CONET Summer SchoolShashi Prabh (S) ("Data Aggregation and Data Dissemination in Wireless Sensor Networks")
Kay Römer (Lecture & Co-Director)
Stamatis Karnouskos (Speaker)
(Presentation "Future enterprises based on real-world services")
Friedemann Mattern
(Invited speaker & Co-director)
09.08.2009Torino, ItalyMALLOW 2009. Multi-Agent Logics, Languages, and OrganisationsF. Bellifemine, R. Giannantonio (Invited Speakers)TI
02.-03.09.2009Sardinia, ItalyWorkshop on Digital CommunicatonsProf. Dr. Pedro José Marrón
08.-10.09.2010Sao Paulo, BrazilEU-Brazil Computing,
Embedded and Control Systems Workshop
J.R. Martinez-de Dios (Speaker)AICIA
07.-09.09.2009Pisa, ItalyS-Cube 2009 Kay Römer (Keynote)
Gianluca Dini (Local Chair)
10.09.2009Dagstuhl, GermanyDagstuhl Seminar "Algorithmic Methods for Distributed Cooperative Systems"Kay Römer (Invited Talk)ETHZ
16.09.2009Nice, France10th Workshop of the European Technology platform SmartGrids, WG3 Demand and Metering: Presentation "SmartHouses in the Era of SmartGrid"Stamatis Karnouskos (Speaker)SAP
21.09.2009System-of-Systems Workshop, European Commission, Brussels Presentation "A view in System-of-Systems"Stamatis Karnouskos (Speaker)SAP
25.09.2009Smart Electricity Networks: Demonstration of Smart Distribution Network Solutions
European Commission, Brussels
Presentation "SmartHouses/SmartGrid: Mass Market Enterprise Integration"Stamatis Karnouskos (Speaker)SAP
05.10.2009Brussels, BelgiumConcertation meeting. Contribution at Control Projects concertation meetingAntonio Bicchi (P)UNIPI
05.-09.10.2009Macau SAR, ChinaIEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad Hoc and Sensor Systems (IEEE MASS 2009): Presentation "Enlighten Me! Secure Key Assignment in Wireless Sensor Networks"Robert Sauter (Speaker)UDE
07.10.2009Brussels, Belgium3rd Concertation Week on Monitoring and Control
European Commission: Presentation "Monitoring & Control for future Energy-aware Business Processes"
Stamatis Karnouskos (Speaker)SAP
08.10.2010Brussels, BelgiumConcertation meeting:
EU Panel of experts
Prof. Dr. Pedro José Marrón
08.-09.10.2009Trento, ItalySmart and Efficient Energy Council (SEEC’2009): Energy-neutral distributed sensing for proactive energy management in buildings and plantsF. Bellifemine, L. Benini (invited speakers)TI
13.10.2009TU Delft, NetherlandsColloquiumKay Römer (invited speaker)ETHZ
15.-16.10.2009Bergamo, Italy11th International Conference on The Modern Information Technology in the Innovation Processes of the Industrial Enterprises: Keynote "Intelligence, co-operation and management in the future industrial enterprises"Stamatis Karnouskos (Speaker)SAP
16.-17.10.2009Grenoble, FranceWorkshop Cyber Physical Systems (WCPS 2009):
CONET Cooperating Objects Network of Excellence
Prof. Dr. Pedro José Marrón (Speaker)UDE
25.10.2009Genoa, ItalyGenoa Science Festival: "Robots Ever Close to Humans"Antonio Bicchi (invited speaker)UNIPI
Oct 2009San Antonio, USAIEEE SMC 2009F. Bellifemine,
R. Giannantonio,
G. Fortino, A. Guerrieri
Oct 2009Zurich, SwitzerlandInternational Workshop on Practical Issues in Building Sensor Network ApplicationsAndreas Willig (speaker)TUB
Oct 2009Zurich, SwitzerlandIEEE SenseApp 2009Kay Römer (pc co-chair) (O)ETHZ
03.11.2009Porto, PortugalCISTER - Distinguished Seminar Series: Presentation "Integrating Real-World Services in Modern Enterprises"Stamatis Karnouskos (Speaker)SAP
04.-06.11.2009Berkley, Calif., USASponsorship: Mobility Grant at SenSys 2009CONET (S) (P)
04.-06.11.2009Berkley, Calif., USASenSys 2009:
CONET Cooperating Objects Network of Excellence
Prof. Pedro José Marrón
08.11.2009Porto, PortugalIEEE IES Industry Forum: Presentation "Cooperative Objects empowering sensing, monitoring and management for enterprise applications"Stamatis Karnouskos (Speaker)SAP
26.11.2009Berlin, GermanyBITCOMProf. Dr. Pedro José Marrón
Nov 2009Nice, FranceICT for sustainable homes - Workshop on energy efficient homes and neighborhoodC. Borean (speaker)TI
Nov 2009Milan, ItalyHiTechExpo: "Robots for Physical Interaction with Men: Performance and safety"Antonio Bicchi (invited speaker)UNIPI
03.-05.12.2009Taipei, TaiwanIEEE ICPCA 2009: "Real-Time Context Activity Scheduling For Smart Space"Chia-Yen Shih
09.12.2009Oberhausen, GermanyInnovationsdialog NRW:
The vision of a Ubiquitous Society: The future of technology
Prof. Dr. Pedro José Marrón
11.12.2009Pennsylvania, USACelebrating 50 years of robotics - University of Pennsylvania: "Towards a Society of Robots: Robot Behaviors, Misbehaviors, and Agreements"Antonio Bicchi (Speaker)UNPI
17.-21.12.2009Monastir, TunisiaInternational school, SensorNets 2009, the First International School on Cyber-Physical and Sensor NetworksAnis Koubaa (O and Speaker), Mário Alves, Ricardo Severino, Luca Mottola, Gianluca Dini, Vlado Handziski, Jan Hauer (Speakers/Hands-On Lab)ISEP, NUIG, SICS, TUB, UNIPI
15.01.2010Rome, Italy2010 Invited Public Speech, "Men, Robots, and Other Strange Creatures", Festival delle Scienze - Tra possibile e ImmaginarioAntonio Bicchi (invited speaker)UNIPI
20.01.2010KIT, Karlsruhe, GermanyLecture "Sensor Networks"Kay Römer (invited speaker)ETHZ
21.01.2010Schaffhausen (Kantonsschule), Switzerland
"Fit in IT"
Information event targeting students of Swiss secondary and high schools
Silvia Santini (invited speaker)ETHZ
24.-29.01.2010Wadern, GermanySeminar "Semantic Challenges in Sensor Networks"Stamatis Karnouskos (P)SAP
03.-04.02.2010Stockholm, SwedenSwedish Society for Industrial Automation (ITF) Automation Days: Presentation "System of systems using SOA technology"Stamatis Karnouskos (Speaker)SAP
07.-08.02.2010Madrid, SpainInvited Course "Sensor Networks" at the University MadridProf. Dr. Pedro José Marrón
16.-19.02.2010Coimbra, PortugalEWSN 2010CONET (O, P, S)all
23.02.2010University of Hannover, GermanyOrganic Computing WorkshopKay Römer (invited speaker)ETHZ
24.-25.02.2010 Hausen, GermanyKeynote Speech "Variable Impedance Actuators for Adaptive Robotics", SCHUNK Intl. Expert Days in Service RoboticsAntonio Bicchi (invited speaker)UNIPI
26.02.2010Oporto, SpainRobotics activities in 30 Cinema Festival of FantasportoAnibal Ollero (P)AICIA
02.-05.03.2010Madrid, SpainUNVEX 2010Anibal Ollero (P)AICIA
09.03.2010University College Cork, IrelandColloquiumKay Römer (invited speaker)ETHZ
16.03.2010Sevilla, SpainAERO-ROBOT 2010Anibal Ollero (P)AICIA
19.03.2010Turin, ItalyTelecom Italia internal Workshop on ZigBee StandardF. Bellifemine (Organization)
C. Borean (Organization and Speaker)
A. Ranalli (Speaker)
G. Dini (Speaker)
M. Tiloca (Speaker)
23.03.2010Cologne, GermanyIKT NRW 2010Prof. Dr. Pedro José Marrón
25.03.2010Altdorf (Kantonale Mittelschule), Switzerland
"Fit in IT"
Information event targeting students of Swiss secondary and high schools
Silvia Santini (invited speaker)ETHZ
29.03.2010Mannheim, GermanyIEEE PerSens 2010Kay Römer (invited speaker)ETHZ
March 2010Huelva, SpainCurso de Expertos en Proyectos EuropeosAnibal Ollero (P)AICIA
02.04.2010Mannheim, GermanyMiddleware support for Pervasive Computing
Workshop at IEEE Percom 2010
W. Apolinarski (P)UDE
11.-16.04.2010Stockholm, SwedenCPS Week 2010CONET (O, P)all
13.-15.04.2010Passau, Germanye-Energy 2010Friedemann Mattern
(Invited Speaker)
27-28.04.2010Munich, Germany4th European ZigBee Developers’ ConferenceC. Borean (invited Speaker)TI
28.04.2010Malaga, SpainJornados sobre intervencion y rescate en emergencias y catastrofesAnibal Ollero (P)AICIA
10.-13.05.2010Bologna, ItalySummer School Prof. Dr. Pedro José Marrón
(O, S)
10.-13.05.2010Bologna, ItalyCONET Training SchoolC. Borean, A Ranalli
(Invited Speaker)
02.-08.05.2010Cape Town, South AfricaSESENA 2010Kay Römer (O)ETHZ
13.-14.05.2010Sevilla, SpainI Jornadas de Robotica ROBOTUSJ.R. Martinez-de DiosAICIA
01.-04.06.2010BruxellesFET Flagship ConferenceSUNIPI
02.06.2010BruxellesConcertation MeetingPUDE
07.-09.06.2010Newport Beach, California, USAIEEE Int. Conference on Sensor Networks, Ubiquitous and Trustworthy Computing (SUTC 2010)SUDE
07.-09.06.2010Newport Beach, California, USAIEEE International Conference on Sensor Networks, Ubiquitous, and Trustworthy ComputingSUNIPI
15.-18.06.2010Kassel, GermanyINSS 2010PUDE
22.-25.06.2010Riccione, ItalyIEEE International Symposium on Computer and Communications (ISCC’10)SUNIPI
23.-27.06.2010DubrovnikPhD SchoolSUNIPI
27.-30.06.2010Zaragoza, SpainRSS 2010, Workshop Towards Closing the LoopSUPO
01.07.2010Duisburg, GermanyIKT NRW Clustert Meeting 2010SUDE
04.-06.07.2010Bari, ItalyIEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics (ISIE’10)SIPB
07.-09.07.2010Bruxelles, Belgium9th Int. Workshop on Real-Time Networks (RTN 2010)PUDE
12.-17.07.2010Bertinoro, ItalyPhD SchoolSUNIPI
13.07.2010Stuttgart, GermanyIPVS 2010SUDE
13.-15.07.2010Berlin, Germany7th ACM Int. Conference on Pervasive Services (ICPS 2010)SUDE
13.-16.07.2010Osaka, Japan8th IEEE International Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN’10)SIPB
17.-24.07.2010Venedig, ItalySENSORCOMM 2010PUDE
15.-21.08.2010Dagstuhl, Germany2010 CONET Network of Excellence Summer SchoolsISEP, UDE
01.09.2010Berkeley, USABWRC SeminarSTUB
05.-17.09.2010Stockholm, SwedenJoint research visit between SICS and UDEPSICS, UDE
08.-09.09.2010Leipzig, GermanyVDE Kongress Mobile DevicesSUDE
13.-17.09.2010L'AquilaSIDRA (Conference of the Italian Association of Automation)SUNIPI
13.-14.09.2010Annecy, FranceIFAC workshopSUNIPI
19.-21.09.2010ParisHYCON2 Kick-OffSUNIPI
26.-29.09.2010Copenhagen, Denmark4th ACM Int. Workshop on Context-Awareness for Self-Managing Systems
27.-29.09.2010Madrid, Spain18th IEEE/IFIP International Conference on VLSI and System-on-Chip VLSI-SoC 2010SUNIBO
29.09.2010Brussels, BelgiumIERC MeetingSUDE
18.-22.10.2010Taipei, TaiwanInternational Conference on Intelligent Robots and SystemsSUPO
02.-03.11.2010Zürich, SwitzerlandSenSys 2010OUDE
08.-10.11.2010Malage, SpainPECES WorkshopSUDE
08.-09.11.2010Uppsala, SwedenWISENET Nordic Darkness SchoolSETHZ
11.-12.11.2010Lisbon, Portugal2nd Meeting of the Monitoring and Control Cluster on Smart Buildings/Smart SpacesSFBK
18.-19.11.2010Brussels, BelgiumIoT Expert GroupSUDE
23.11.2010Munich, GermanyEADS Innovation Works - Wireless Sensor Networks WorkshopSTUD
23.-24.11.2010Aalborg, DenmarkSensor Network SchoolSUDE
27.-28.11.2010Kampur, IndiaInternational Workshop on Distributed SystemsSUNITN
11.-14.12.2010Shangai, ChinaICRA SPC meetingPUNIPI
11.-13.12.2010Hong Kong SAR, Cina3rd International Workshop on Sensor Networks and Ambient Intelligence (SeNAmI 2010)SUNIBO
15.-17.12.2010Atlanta, USAInternatinal Conference on Decision and ControlSUNIPI
15.-17.12.2010Atlanta, USACDCSUNIPI
13.-19.01.2011Trento, ItalyPhD SchoolSUNIPI
31.01.-02.02.2011London, UKRoyal Society Workshop "active touch sensing"SUNIPI
01.-04.02.2011Pisa, ItalyWeek of mathematics (for high school)SUNIPI
23.-25.02.2011Bonn, GermanyEuropean Conference on Wireless Senor Networks (EWSN 2011)O, SS,P, SALL
14.-18.03.2011Grenoble, France DATE 2011SUNIBO
21.03.2011Barcelona, SpainOMNeT++ workshopOSUPSI
31.03.2011Newport Beach, California, USASORT 2011SETHZ
06.04.2011Lisbon, PortugalIEEE International Conference on Mobile Robots and CompetitionsPUPO
11.04.2011Chicago, ILWorkshop on Real-Time Wireless for Industrial Applications (REALWIN 2011)SUNIPI
11.04.2011Chicago, USAThe Second International Workshop on Networks of Cooperating Objects (CONET 2010)O, SS,P, SALL
12.-14.04.2011Chicago, USAIPSN 2011P, SUzL, SICS, FBK, UNITN, TUB
04.-06.05.2011Budapest, HungaryFuture Emerging Technologies ConferenceSUNIPI
06.05.2011Pisa, ItalyScience Festival (for high school)S,OUNIPI
09.-13.05.2011ShangaiInternational Conference on Robotics and AutomationSUNIPI
22.05.2011Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii2nd International Workshop on Software Engineering for Sensor Network ApplicationsOUZL,UNITN,SICS
23.05.2011Dallas, Texasbsn contest
25.-27.05.2011Denver, USAInternational Conference on Unmanned Aerial Systems, ICUAS 2011SUPO
20.-23.06.2011Lucca, ItalyPhD Forum on IEEE International Symposium on a World of Wireless Mobile and Multimedia Networks (WoWMoM 2011)SUNIPI
28.06.-01.07.2011Corfù, Greece IEEE International Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC 2011)SUNIPI