COOJA and Testbed Federation/TWIST growing together

Two COOJA plugins and manuals have been published to integrate the TWIST testbed in COOJA and to take checkpoints and perform rollbacks both in TWIST and COOJA.

Call for Papers: CONET/UBICITEC 2013

The 4th International Workshop on Networks of Cooperating Objects for Smart Cities 2013 (CONET/UBICITEC 2013), colocated with CPSWeek 2013, accepts submissions until January 28th, 2013.

Newsletter issue #19

The 19th CONET newsletter has been published. You can read on Virtual Organizations for Multi-Model Based Embedded Systems and on the UvA Bird Tracking System.

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Boeing Research & Technology Europe (BRTE), Spain

Boeing Research & Technology Europe, S.L. (BRTE) is wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company, and it’s the first research and technology center Boeing establishes outside of the US. The opening of this European research center in Madrid is part of Boeing initiative to become a true global company.


BRTE belongs to Phantom Works division.

Phantom Works is the advanced R&D unit and catalyst of innovation for Boeing enterprise. We are innovators and integrators working across the Boeing Global Enterprise to create the future of aerospace.


BRTE in the European Community

The center was legally constituted in November 2001 and started its activities in March 2002. Since then, the center has become an active member of the European technology fabric, contributing to establish a permanent footprint of Boeing in Europe as key player in the R&D community.


BRTE has allowed Boeing to establish a strong presence in Europe. In this center, our efforts are led by team members from France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. As a result we are welcomed as a valued and appreciated member of the Spanish and broader European Union community.


In BRTE we have recruited the most outstanding technical and engineering personnel to integrate a multidisciplinary team which is staffed by more than 50 engineers and scientists from throughout Europe.


David Scarlatti received the Aeronautics Engineering degree from the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Madrid, Spain in 1994. He worked at INDRA, between 1993 and 2000. Between 2000 and 2005 he worked as Technology Manager at Oracle Consulting Spain and led the Professional community on Data Warehouse Methods. Since 2005 he joined the Boeing Research & Technology Centre in Madrid. His research interests include advanced computing in data analysis, business intelligence, human – machine interfaces, unmanned air vehicles. Mr. Scarlatti has a great experience in the area of business intelligence and data warehousing, as well as in Software Engineering. In the software development industry he has lead multitude of projects from small ones to enterprise wide ones in cross industry.


Victor Pérez Villar is now a project leader in the New Programs & Safety division in Phantom Works /Boeing Research & Technology since 2004. During the last years he was involved in different projects developing the enterprise grid for Boeing and diverse projects in the area of advanced computing collaborating with Universities in Europe, now he is an active collaborator to develop implement and test different industrial standards for the aeronautical sector. Before he was hired for Boeing in Spain, he developed an infrastructure for the financial reporting ontology for the National Bank in Spain. His previous experience in computing science focused on different technological architectures within the aeronautical area for the IBERIA Company and the Spanish Army in order to integrate simulators for decisions support systems (DSS) and different software simulators in the external ballistic domain. His studies were in Applied Physics in an Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM).