COOJA and Testbed Federation/TWIST growing together

Two COOJA plugins and manuals have been published to integrate the TWIST testbed in COOJA and to take checkpoints and perform rollbacks both in TWIST and COOJA.

Call for Papers: CONET/UBICITEC 2013

The 4th International Workshop on Networks of Cooperating Objects for Smart Cities 2013 (CONET/UBICITEC 2013), colocated with CPSWeek 2013, accepts submissions until January 28th, 2013.

Newsletter issue #19

The 19th CONET newsletter has been published. You can read on Virtual Organizations for Multi-Model Based Embedded Systems and on the UvA Bird Tracking System.

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SICS, Swedish Institute of Computer Science AB (SICS), Sweden

The Swedish Institute of Computer Science SICS, is a part of Swedish ICT Research AB, a non-profit research organization owned by the Swedish government (60%) and industry. SICS mission is to contribute to the competitive strength of Swedish industry by conducting advanced and focused research in strategic areas of computer science, and actively promoting industrial use of new research ideas and results in industry and society at large. SICS works in a close collaboration with industry and the national and international research community.


Assoc. Prof. Thiemo Voigt is leading the Networked Embedded Systems Group (NES) at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Systems from Uppsala University in 2002. Thiemo leads several national and international projects in the area of wireless sensor networks. He also participated actively in the EU Coordination Act Embedded WiSeNts, a CA. He received an outstanding paper award at the IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications in 2002.  He was one the main organizers of the successful Workshop on Real-World Wireless Sensor Networks (REALWSN), arranged in Stockholm in June 2005 and ACM REALWSN in Uppsala in June 2006. Thiemo has also been on the TPC for several important sensornet conferences including ACM SenSys 2007.  In 2007, he was TPC co-chair for EWSN, the most important European conference in sensor networking.


Dr. Adam Dunkels is a senior researcher in the Networked Embedded Systems group at SICS. He is the author of the well-known and widely used embedded TCP/IP networking software lwIP and uIP, which have had a significant impact in the area of networked embedded systems and are used in products from hundreds of companies world-wide, including BMW, Cisco, GE, HP, and Xilinx. He is the primary author and lead developer of the Contiki operating system, the leading operating system for memory-constrained sensor devices in Europe. Contiki is currently used in both industry and academia. Furthermore, he has invented programming concepts, such as protothreads, that have had a significant impact on software development for resource-constrained devices. He has published over 30 peer-reviewed papers in the area of sensornets, including three papers at ACM SenSys 2006 and 2007.


Assoc. Prof. Martin Nilsson received his Ph.D. in Information Engineering from the University of Tokyo in 1989, his M.Sc. in Engineering Physics from the Royal Institute of Technology in 1983, and also completed the first year of a B.Sc. in Mathematics at Stockholm University while still in high school in 1975. Martin Nilsson specializes in interdisciplinary problem solving using mathematical methods, with an emphasis on Computer Science and Mechatronics. Recent representative publications deal with signal processing, distributed sensors, and mechatronics. He has previously worked in the field of wireless communication in two earlier international projects involving communicating autonomous robots (PIRAIA 1994-1996 and DRAGON 1997-2001), where he was chief investigator.