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Act‐Control‐Move: Beyond Networked Sensors

CONET Summer School 2010
August 15 – 21, 2010, Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany


Distributed sensors and sensor networks deliver huge amounts of real‐world data ‐ but how can we make effective use of these data? How can we use it to control real‐world processes in a timely manner, and how can we control the sensing systems themselves? Future networked embedded systems will have a sensing part, but they also act on the real‐world, they may be mobile, and they may consist of cooperating heterogeneous devices with vastly different capabilities. Designing and realizing such systems which will empower a new generation of real‐world applications with significant impact on industry and research is a true challenge.

Goals and Audience

The goal of the summer school is to survey fundamental and applied aspects of distributed actuation, control, and mobility in the context of networked embedded systems, as well as to identify novel opportunities and research directions in these areas through a series of lectures by international experts. Participants can experience the relevant technologies during hands‐on courses and can present their own work during a participant’s workshop. The school will provide a good opportunity to get to know other people working in the field, to meet distinguished scholars, and to establish contacts that may lead to research collaborations in the future. We expect about 60 participants – the intended audience are postgraduate students, PhD students, and young researchers from universities and industrial laboratories around the world.