COOJA and Testbed Federation/TWIST growing together

Two COOJA plugins and manuals have been published to integrate the TWIST testbed in COOJA and to take checkpoints and perform rollbacks both in TWIST and COOJA.

Call for Papers: CONET/UBICITEC 2013

The 4th International Workshop on Networks of Cooperating Objects for Smart Cities 2013 (CONET/UBICITEC 2013), colocated with CPSWeek 2013, accepts submissions until January 28th, 2013.

Newsletter issue #19

The 19th CONET newsletter has been published. You can read on Virtual Organizations for Multi-Model Based Embedded Systems and on the UvA Bird Tracking System.


Testbed NameSOCRADES Automation Testbed
Operational StatusSet-up phase
InstitutionSchneider Electric
Public Website
Contact Person NameAxel Bepperling
Contact Person E-mailaxel.bepperling AT
Technology FocusWeb-based service-oriented architecture
Deployment ScenarioIndoor partitioned space (e.g.: office space)
Deployment Pattern Uniform 2D (e.g.: regular lattice ceiling deployment on a single floor in a building)
Mobility SupportFixed nodes
Total Number of Supported Nodes13
Horizontal Node Spacing3*5m
Vertical Node Spacing1,5 m
Variability of Supported SUT PlatformsSingle - homogeneous SUT
Primary SUT PlatformSOCRADES Schneider Electric
Number of Nodes from the Primary SUT Platform13
Additional SUT Platform
Number of Nodes from the Additional SUT Platform
SUT SensorsProximity sensors, RFID integrated in mechanical components (capsulated by service)
SUT ActuatorsMotor
Power Supply of SUT NodesMains powered
Control/Monitoring Plane SeparationIn-band (control/monitoring plane and SUT data share the same medium/channel)
Control/Monitoring Plane Communication TechnologiesEthernet
Control/Monitoring Plane ArchitectureHierarchical and distributed (connection via set of secondary nodes / micro-servers which are then connected to the main "controlling" entity/server
Control/Monitoring Plane Gateway Platformsnot applicable
Job Execution Modelby external orchestration engine
Job Concurrencyby orchestration engine + decision making processes
Job Registration and Scheduling Interfaceby orchestration engine + decision making processes
Authentication and Authorization ArchitectureNo authentication and authorization
Job Control InterfaceCustom web services, Custom contro WS based on DPWS
SUT Node Control Servicesunder development (plan: material flow control, monitoring of parts flows, monitoring&diagnosis of devices)
SUT Data Access
SUT Data Persistenceto be provided by external orchestration engine
Time Stamping ServicesNo time stampiing
Integration with Simulators and EmulatorsIntegration of simulated nodes in the testbed run (e.g.: emulation of interaction between real and simulated nodes), Integration of testbed nodes in a simulation run (e.g.: use of real comm interfaces from the testbed nodes while simulating the SW stack in a simulator)
Remote Use PolicyNo remote access