COOJA and Testbed Federation/TWIST growing together

Two COOJA plugins and manuals have been published to integrate the TWIST testbed in COOJA and to take checkpoints and perform rollbacks both in TWIST and COOJA.

Call for Papers: CONET/UBICITEC 2013

The 4th International Workshop on Networks of Cooperating Objects for Smart Cities 2013 (CONET/UBICITEC 2013), colocated with CPSWeek 2013, accepts submissions until January 28th, 2013.

Newsletter issue #19

The 19th CONET newsletter has been published. You can read on Virtual Organizations for Multi-Model Based Embedded Systems and on the UvA Bird Tracking System.

Current Page: Visitor Programme

Visitor Programme

The Distinguished visitor program is a way to enable the visit of top scientists to the institutions of CONET members. So far, the following people took part in this program:


07.08.2008Prof. Ramesh Govindan, USC"The Quest for a General-Purpose Sensing System"TUB
07.10.2008Prof. Carlos Canudas de Wit -
Director of Research at the CNRS, Département d'Automatique de Grenoble - coordinator
"Communications Back in Control: Differential Coding in NCS"
07.10.2008Prof. Annarita Giani -
University of Berkeley
"An Introduction to Secure Control"UNIPI
08.10.2008Prof. Rodolphe Sepulchre -
Université de Liège
"Consensus and coordination on manifolds"UNIPI
08.10.2008Prof. Mike Grimble -
University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Founder of the Industrial Control Centre
"Practical Nonlinear Control from simple to advanced"UNIPI
08.10.2008Anibal OlleroCooperation and networking of multiple UAVs
@ 1st Meeting of ICO Students - UNIPI
08.10.2008Prof. Alessandro Giua -
Università di Cagliari
Identification of Petri netsUNIPI
09.10.2008Prof. Karl-Erik Årzén - Royal Institute of TechnologyTiming Analysis and Simulation of Networked Embedded Control SystemsUNIPI
09.10.2008Prof. Anders Rantzer - University of LundPrice Mechanisms for Distributed Control UNIPI
07.11.2008Magnus Egerstedt - Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta"Graph-Based Control of Heterogeneous Robot Networks" UNIPI
10.02.2009Prof. David Culler, UC Berkeley/Arch Rockkeynote/lecture at ETTX 2009, "Opportunities presented by IETF ROLL"TUB
18.02.2009Prof. Monique Chyba, University of Hawaii at ManoaGuidance and control for Autonomous Underwater vehicles UNIPI
25.03.2009Kevin Lynch
Northwestern University, USA
Seminar: Robot Assembly: From Vibratory Manipulation to Self-Organization - an introduction to Secure controlUNIPI
21.04.2009Prof. Jörg Raisch
TUB & Max Planck Institut
Flatness based control of Batch Crystallisation processes from the standard to the Enantioseparathon caseUNIPI
24.07.2009Shahid Raza, Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS) SwedenSeminar "Security Issues in the Contemporary WirelessHART Protocol"UNIPI
27.07.2009Prof Chenyang LuSeminar “Distributed Structural Health Monitoring with Wireless Sensor Networks:
a Cyber-Physical System Approach”
10.11.2009Ayanna Howard
Georgia Institute of Technology
(Georgia, USA)
Lecture "Robots and Climate Change: Using a Science Network of Mobility Operators that Explore in Snow (SnoMotes)"AICIA
26.11.2009John Vian
Boeing Research & Technology
Lecture "Vehicle Swarm Technology Rapid Prototyping Testbed"AICIA,
MCO Cluster
26.01.2010Antonio Nogueras"Airspace security within the single european sky"AICIA
18.02.2010Prof. Jeff Trinkle, Rensselear Polytechnic Institute (Troy, New York, USA)Seminar "Simulation-Based Planning and Design for Robotic Systems with Intermittent"UNIPI
18.02.2010Prof. Monique Chyba
University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA
Dept. of Mathematics
Seminar "Guidance and control for Autonomous Underwater vehicles"UNIPI
22.02.2010Massimo Caccia and Marco BibuliUnmanned Marine VehiclesUNIPI
04.04.2010Danielle TarrafDiscrete Approximations of Systems over Finite Alphabets for Control SynthesisUNIPI
21.06.2010Sanjoy K. MitterSYSTEMS THEORY A Retrospective and Prospective LookUNIPI
22.06.2010 James V. CandyNuclear Threat Detection for Harbor DefenseUNIPI
19.07.2010Prof. Tracy Camp, Colorado School of Mines"MANET Simulation Studies: The Incredibles" / "Wireless Sensor Networks: Motivation, Progress and Challenges"UBONN
10.09.2010Prof. Tarek Abdelzaher, University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignPrivacy in Social SensingISEP
27.09.2010Prof. Anthony HealeyInvited lectures on Modeling, Identification and Control of AUVsUP
04.10.2010Prof. Jan Van SchuppenControl of piecewise-affine hybrid systems on polytopesUP
09.11.2010Prof. Ian MitchellDynamic Programming Algorithms for Planning in Continuous Domains and the Hamilton-Jacobi EquationUP
22.12.2010Prof. Marco Gruteser, WINLAB @ Ruttgers"Depersonlization of Location Traces" / "Visual MIMO and Vehicular Networking"UBONN
01.04.2011Thomas Ménard, Ecole Centrale de Nantes, FranceApplication of Homogeneity for the design of finite time observer and observability normal formUNIPI
05.04.2011Enrico Bini, Scuola Superiore S.Anna, PisaOptimal Sampling for Control SystemsUNIPI
13.05.2011Dr. Raja SenguptaMulti-Vehicle NetworksUP
21.05.2011Dr. Frederic PyTREX TutorialUP
22.05.2011Dr. Tal ShimaCooperative Evasion and Pursuit for Aircraft ProtectionUP